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30 January
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The journey has been quite a long: charmingsyrai started as syrai, grew up to be syrainator who then transformed through charming_syrai into charmingsyrai thus completing the circle -- I'm sure you spot the pattern. I have had other nicknames (syromaniac, syro, savysavestheday) but somehow in my heart I've always been S aka Syrai. Sometimes being her was the only thing that kept me moving.

I've been gone from the world that is lj for a long time now, but I felt - feel - I needed to come back, if not for no other reason, then simply so that I will no longer forget things that should not be forgotten, so that I cherish moments and appreciate things meant to be appreciated.
It seems that no matter how old I get (not that 28 would be THAT old, ahem), there's that one side of me that I can never truly escape: SYROMAAANIAC, this crazy fangirl (of way too many fandoms!), a graphics maker and a fan fiction author. A bit fanatic, possibly slightly obsessive, sometimes impulsive and often a major control-freak. Yeah, that's her. You can find her older stuff over at ArchiveOfOurOwn.org or Fanfiction.net in case you're interested. Fandom-related rants now live at syrainator@tumblr although it hasn't that active for a long time (perhaps it's time for that to change as well).

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